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Hello and welcome to the Replugged!

We offer two spacious levels of entertainment for drinks and snacks, live performances by popular international music bands and DJs or a venue for your own event.

With modern technology and a comprehensive feature set that you Replugged offers a large stage and professional lighting and a DJ booth with full facilities. For your own party, birthday or Sponsionsfeier and more.

With a capacity of up to 250 people can also start your party on a grand scale!
The use of the entire premises, including the technology and a spacious bakery section we provide you free of charge.
Compared to our competitors in Vienna next to a central location, we can also score with plenty of freedom of movement due to the size of the locality.

It also features a Replugged, is located on the lower floor, spacious backstage area, where it is possible to you as an organizer rest or retreat with a select group – and without cramped.

Because only relaxes you can also provide good performance and thus help a party to an absolute success.