Spotlight Event EXTREME MIND – Progressive Metal from Vienna


Starts in 3 Days, 14 Hours

30. September 2021 20:00

is a Vienna-based Progressive Metal band! The talented musicians are developing a musical concept that’s new and innovative, and use all the possibilities available. Rap vocals (Lasse Tjorben) over heavy metal breakdowns, Keys & Electronic Synths (Adrian Walther) intermingled with fast Riffs and jazzy Guitar Soli (Sam Khoshnood). All this is supported by a melodic and groovy Rhythm Section with Drums(Chris Novak) and Bass (Merlin Hochmeier). Together, they are working since time immemorial to turn every live show into an experience of musical enlightenment. Extreme Mind goes where music has never been before,… and leaves even those places behind.
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Es wird von  Wirtschaftsagentur Wien gefördert.

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