YXOU, Grey Skies Ahead and Mandaground Weiz, Österreich

we are a vienna-based experimental metal band and have previously released music as „a minor place“. the project has changed over the years, and so have we. hence, we have established a new name. YXOU is (largely) instrumental music, blending elements from sludge, ambient and post-metal. we experiment with these a lot and hope you will enjoy the results as much as we do.
Grey Skies Ahead are five musicians from Austria and Germany whose sound is characterized by a mix of post-rock and modern metal. The band was founded in autumn 2011 in Graz.

Typical for the songs of Grey Skies Ahead is above all the musical aim to sound both varied and authentic. Catchy melodies meet complex rhythms and heavy guitar riffs, traversed by calm passages that allow listeners to catch their breath and invite them into another world.

After five years of intense rehearsals and jams, their first EP Katharsis saw the light of day in 2016.

This was followed by a creative break that lasted a few months, during which the band concentrated on playing live, before they returned to the composition table to craft new songs.

In 2017 they went back into the studio and began recording their debut album “Panacea”, which was released in 2019.

Since the beginning of 2021, the works have been enriched by the vocals of a newcomer on the microphone; vocals that stay true to the vision of the band, alternating between calm clean passages, rock vocals and aggressive shouts.

Weiz, Österreich

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