I Jahson & Kaya Roots Band (Spotlight)


20. Oktober 2021 20:00

I Jahson & Kaya Roots Band dedicated themselves to bringing the varied and beautiful spectrum of Jamaican offbeat music onto the stage. Finest roots, dub, rockers, dancehall and other subgenres of reggae music are merged into an instant sparkle of decent power.

Born in T.K. Trenance, a legendary part of the second biggest city of Zimbabwe called Bulawayo, I Jahson a.k.a. Edwin Crewe has literally been living reggae music for decades, performing his songs with unique passion, that shall become his trademark.

His remarkable voice is backed by Kaya Roots Band, whose musicians create a powerful and genre-typical tight musical groundation. Formed by experienced reggae artists in 2019, the Vienna based backing band has already attracted attention as an opener for Anthony B, Israel Vibration & Roots Radics, Skatalites and Stranger Cole.

2021 a new album is in the making and to be released soon – nah miss it!


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