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Starts in 1 Day, 14 Hours

22. September 2018 20:00

WARDOGS (Italy):

“… we didn’t want to make a copy of the Ramones but, respecting the tradition, something of our own, original to some extent; we wanted to keep the Ramones Legacy alive starting where they stopped. We liked the idea of mixing Ramones, Motorhead, Metallica and Zakk Wylde and this is exactly what we did: starting with the Ramones’ songs we incorporated references to these bands, in other words this is our personal way to pay respect and tribute to one of the best band in the rock music…“


Marky Ramone & Wardogs



More info here: https://www.wardogs.it/

CRAVEN (Italy)

CRAVEN project was founded in 2011 by the minds of Alex & Matteo. According to the idea of producing new stuff and original, aggressive and at the same time endearing music, they need a stron g bass player to roll beside the apocalyptic drums of Matteo and a singer as evil as possible for the recordings and first of all on the stage. Looking forward it comes Erick, on the secene around for a long time in Padova (Italy), on bass guitar, but it´s only in middle well known on the northeastern metal scene. Suddenly the started working on new stuff for an new album, which is self named „CRAVEN“ out in 2014.


„KNOCKOUT“ Offical Video clip:

„BURY ME“ Official Video clip:

„CHAINSAW“ Official Video clip:

„WASH AWAY THE RAIN“ Official Video clip:

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/Craven+Band/keywords_searc


Pop punk – nothing more, nothing less…
Being highly influenced by various Pop-Punk and Punk-Rock bands, DirtyWink discovered that this was exactly the kind of sound and music they wanted to achieve.
Over the years, the mental Kindergardeners became something we would call „adult“. The topics of their songs changed from dealing with teenager problems like heartache, partying or identification, to social- and sociocritical anthems, reflecting the postmodern spirit of time perfectly.
All the highs and lows as well as the good and bad experiences formed the band and made each member of DirtyWink to who they are. 4 boys who have never forgotten where they come from and what they stand for.
More info here:

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