MAIN TOPs: (2x) Electro Voice ETX-35P – 2kW per side
MAIN BASS: (2x) Electro Voice QRX-118s (controlled by 2x EV M118s / 2x EV M-112)
SIDE FILLS: (2x) Electro Voice QRX-112/75 (controlled by EV P-1202 (2x600W/4Ohm)
AMBIENCE: Peavey PV2600 System


BEHRINGER X32 – 32 Channel Digital-Mixingdesk


  • ca. 5m x 4m
  • 24/4 Stagebox
  • DI-Box active: Behringer
  • DI20 ULTRA-DI (4x) DI-Box passive:
  • Palmer PAN 01(2x)
  • Multi DI-BOX Etec, 16 channels


  • 4 seperate ways, 5 monitor speaker
  • 4x DB Technologies Basic 400 1x DB TECHNOLOGIES M10-2 PLUS


2x PGA57
2x PGA58
1x PGA Drumkit 6
1x BLX24E + PGA58 S8 (for rent)
5x MVR5
3x Shure SM 58
2x Shure SM 57
3x Shure PG48
2x Shure PG52 Bass Drum Mic
3x Shure PG56 Snare/Tom Mic
2x Shure PG81 Overheads
1x Audix i-5
2x Rode M1
2x Audix F50
2x t.bone SC 140


  • all Lights are DMX controlled
  • more than 25 LED Par 64 and 56 Spots
  • 6 Moving Heads
  • Fog machine
  • Stroboscope
  • and more …
  • All lighting effects are DMX-units and controlled by: Daslight DVC2 DMX 512 Controller Daslight Virtual Control Software, V2

BACKLINE (for rent)

Peavey MaxBass 400 – Bass Head Peavey 4×10 Bass Cabinet

Fender FM212R (incl. footswitch)
Peavey Combo Bandit – Guitar Combo (without footswitch)

2mal Harley Benton G212

Yamaha Tour Custom Set, white

22″x17″ Bass Drum
10″x08″ – 12″x09″ – 14″x12″ Tom Toms
14″x06″ Snare Drum
included TH945A Doubletomholder, CL-945 Singletomholder
+ Yamaha HW 780 Hardware Set – contains bass drum pedal, snare drum stand, hi-hat stand, 3x cymbal boom stands – all stands have single braced legs for solid stability and safety