ABOUT THE replugged

Live Music Venue


replugged IS ROCKI'N SINCE 90's

The go to Live music location for all your Gigs, Parties, 
located in the vienna’s city center, 

we offer the best experience for your gigs. 

The Conditions

You do You We take care of the rest

what we offer

Technical Rider

PA System & Console

MAIN TOPs: (2x) Electro Voice ETX-35P – 2kW per side
MAIN BASS: (2x) Electro Voice QRX-118s (controlled by 2x EV M118s / 2x EV M-112)
SIDE FILLS: (2x) Electro Voice QRX-112/75

allen heath sq5
allen heath AR2412
AMBIENCE: Peavey PV2600 System

Stage & Monitoring

ca. 5m x 4m

24/4 Stagebox

DI-Box active: Behringer

DI20 ULTRA-DI (4x) DI-Box passive:

Palmer PAN 01(2x)

Multi DI-BOX Etec, 16 channels


4 seperate ways, 5 monitor speaker

4x DB Technologies Basic 400 1x DB TECHNOLOGIES M10-2 PLUS


2x PGA57, 2x PGA58

1x PGA Drumkit 6, 1x BLX24E + PGA58 S8 (for rent)

5x MVR5, 3x Shure SM 58 , 2x Shure SM 57

3x Shure PG48, 2x Shure PG52 Bass Drum Mic

3x Shure PG56 Snare/Tom Mic

2x Shure PG81 Overheads

1x Audix i-5, 2x Rode M1, 2x Audix F50

2x t.bone SC 140


all Lights are DMX controlled

more than 25 LED Par 64 and 56 Spots

6 Moving Heads

Fog machine


and more …

All lighting effects are DMX-units and controlled by:

Daslight DVC2 DMX 512 Controller Daslight Virtual Control Software, V2


Peavey MaxBass 400 – Bass Head Peavey 4×10 Bass Cabinet

Fender FM212R (incl. footswitch)
Peavey Combo Bandit – Guitar Combo (without footswitch)

2mal Harley Benton G212

Yamaha Tour Custom Set, white

22″x17″ Bass Drum
10″x08″ – 12″x09″ – 14″x12″ Tom Toms
14″x06″ Snare Drum
included TH945A Doubletomholder, CL-945 Singletomholder
+ Yamaha HW 780 Hardware Set – contains bass drum pedal, snare drum stand, hi-hat stand, 3x cymbal boom stands – all stands have single braced legs for solid stability and safety